Outsourced Chief Operations Officer

Outsourced Chief Operations Officer


Vendor Due Diligence, Selection and Oversight




Business Development, Expansion and Safekeeping


Our 5-Step Process

FiSolve streamlines the selection process and provides a framework for making the best overall choice to drive your business forward. FiSolve also assists with challenges associated with implementing change in an organization. This involves a process known as Change Management. Getting buy-in and participation from key stakeholders is a crucial part of fully leveraging and enjoying the benefits of any new system, vendor or partnership.


  1. Identify specific areas of need
  2. Identify internal and external stakeholders
  3. Develop a list of potential solutions and vendors
  4. Perform a targeted and rigorous vetting process
  5. Design a successful and carefully coordinated implementation strategy


Technology and regulatory requirements are advancing at an unprecedented pace.

At one time it made sense for firms to own and store their systems and processes in-house.

However, the pace of change has made this endeavor cost prohibitive for firms wishing to maintain the optimal client experience, couple with operational excellence. An overwhelming number of solutions have emerged to address the needs of financial services firms.

These solutions are designed to address a firm's needs with promises of enhancing your client's experience.  It is critical to find the right technology and provider to move your business forward.  This is often overwhelming for firms.

Business Development and Expansion

FiSolve assists asset managers and financial services firm identify opportunities to grow and protect their business.

Areas where we provide expertise include:

Development of an ESG Strategy

New Business

Entering New Markets

Launching Investment Vehicles

Digital Solutions, and Attract New Clients and Upgrade your Current Client’s Experience

Marketing in Foreign Jurisdictions

Vetting Service Providers

Investor Relations

Bolstering RFP and DDQ Responses to Improve Success Rate

Developing and Enhancing Investor Communications to Attract and Retain Clients

Fund Administration

HR and Talent Management

Employee Handbooks

Onboarding and Exiting Employees

Employee Review Process

Benefits Program Design

Cultivating a Winning Culture

Leadership Development and Coaching

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Risk Assessments and Risk Management

Create and Maintain Risk Matrices

Identify and Develop Business Contingencies

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Install Redundancies to Ensure Continuing Business Operations

System Processes Mapping

Inventory of Systems and Controls

IT and Cyber Security

Defining and Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Security of Information

Privacy Considerations

Crisis Management

Development of an Incident Response Plan

Table Top Exercise

Carefully Tailored Communications

CFO Level Services

Outsource Accounting and Finance Support

Budgeting and Expense Analysis


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